New Registration Timeline - Plan Ahead and Register Early

Pre-Requisite Checking and Course Registration Edits

Old Registration Timeline New Registration Timeline
Registration occurred after final grades were posted Registration now occurs before final grades are posted
Student eligibility was automatically checked by the registration system In some cases, eligibility will not be known at time of registration
Ineligible students were blocked from registering (depending upon department preferences) Students will be allowed to register, and will be dropped after final grades are posted if eligibility has not been met

Registration edits

During registration

When students enroll in a course with edits they do not meet, a warning message will be displayed indicating that if they are not eligible once final grades are posted they will be dropped.

After final grades are posted

  • Ineligible students who have registered will be dropped from the course and sent an email notification of the action
  • Ineligible students on the waitlist will be dropped from the waitlist
  • All registration edits will be enforced for new requests when registration reopens after clean up
  • Dropped students who still wish to enroll may request an exception memo from the department (existing process)

Major/pre-major edits

  • Students in the correct pre-major who wish to enroll in an upper division course that requires major status
    • During registration: same as above
    • After final grades are posted: same as above
  • Students who are not in the required pre-major or major, but who intend to switch to that major
    • These students will be allowed to register as above once they have worked with their advisor to complete a major change form
  • Students in a different pre-major or major with no intention of switching to the required major will not be allowed to enroll in the course

Pre-requisite checking - Warnings

  • Students will be allowed to register and will be shown a warning at time of registration if they do not meet the pre-requisite(s)
  • Class rosters will indicate whether or not students have met the pre-requisite(s)
  • After final grades are posted
    • Class rosters and waitlists will be updated to reflect status
    • Faculty will decide whether to drop students who are flagged on their rosters as “not met”

The process for granting summer waivers and checking the pre-requisites of students who have received summer waivers will remain the same

Students who have been allowed to enroll via an exception from the department will not be dropped

Registration cycle for Open University students will remain the same in order to give matriculated students who have been dropped time to adjust their schedules

New Registration Timeline

Schedule for Production/Publication Cycles

Top 10 Things to Know about the New SDSU Registration Timeline

10. The New Registration Timeline will start with registration for the Fall 2018 semester in April 2018.

9. Students will now register for Fall semester in April, Spring semester in November, and Summer sessions in March.

8. October and March will be focal advising months.

7. An earlier registration may allow students to plan their other scheduled responsibilities (e.g., work) around their academic schedule, rather than the other way around.

6. For students on financial aid (60% of students), nothing changes relative to when tuition and fees are due.

5. Students will be able to register for whatever courses they want (with the exception of courses which require a major code they do not have).

4. When students register they will receive warning messages indicating they will be dropped if eligibility is not met.  Students will only be dropped for not meeting course eligibility for courses that have an enforced prerequisite; students won't be dropped from courses with a prerequisite warning. 

3. After grades are in at the end of the semester, then ineligible students will be dropped from courses.

2. Posting grades on time is now more critical than ever for the faculty, so that students will not be dropped from a course when they should not be.

1. This website will answer almost all of your questions!